24"x 24" acrylic on canvas (2019)

This was created when BTS Map of the Soul: Persona was released and is inspired by lyrics from the first track "Persona" written and performed by RM Kim Namjoon.  He asks himself questions: where's your soul? where's your dream? do you think you're alive? and spits out bold affirmations of his reason for living: "I just wanna give you all the voices till you die, I just wanna give you all the shoulders when you cry." While he uses his platform to upift others around the world, I reflect on my artist path and following my dream to live into my fullest creative expression. The painting embodies my resilience to keep creating in spite of my own fears and self doubt in succeeding as an artist. I feel called to be an artist and be a force of healing in this world though transforming life's experiences into raw beauty on the canvas and elevating the mood or energy of a space for people to encounter and connect with in their own personal way. 


"All The Voices"

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