visual artist profile

I am educated and experienced in both architecture and fine art, and have a strong perception and intuitive understanding of the human scale, sensorial experience, and spatial quality of form in both fields of practice. I have successfully fulfilled art commissions for residential buildings, schools, churches, and private clients and delight in engaging my community through teaching art workshops and serving as a live painter at local public events in Houston, Texas.  I love sharing the creative process with others.

artist statement

I am reclaiming "the female gaze" as a powerful way to see beyond the physical realm and into the formless through painting from direct observation, intuitive feeling, and imagination.  My current work embodies a careful integration of both the physical realm and formless experience of being human, especially when confronted with grief.  


Grief is a portal that stops me in my tracks and grants me access to a deeper truth beneath the surface. It is the dark side of the moon—our shadow selves that are always there yet never seen but felt. I never completely knew life until I knew death. I’m shedding light on this through my art. Everything I’ve ever made has emerged from a place ranging from the depths of hopelessness, stillness and ordinariness, and triumph over heartache. It may not be apparent at joyful use of color and abstraction of pain makes it more accessible...I use poetry and language in my titles or in the work itself to hint at the grieving process.  Since the mind easily digests words and subconsciously assigns meaning to those words, it automatically creates a shift in perspective.


Every moment is a gift to create, discover, and share with others.  I am committed to living into my fullest creative expression in moments of joy, pain, stillness, and curiosity.  If my art has the ability to make someone pause and linger for awhile, then it has served its purpose.  It is the female gaze that enables the viewer and the artist to share and connect in that ephemeral moment of seeing and being seen…of being present and presence felt.